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Supporting Creatives is my passion. You are a small business owner who has been running your business alone or with a small team and need someone to manage your customer experience, systems, internal processes, and project management. You have recurring business tasks that never feel complete because you don't have the time. 


I am your behind-the-scenes business manager that makes sure your recurring tasks are completed and simplifies the current systems you are using to run your business so you can focus on finding enjoyment in your creative work. 

I'm ready to tackle any challenge and provide you with ease in your day-to-day operations. After working with me, your clients will notice an improvement in their client experience from start to finish. You will trust me like I am your business partner and know that your business is running smoothly by investing in support. 

I need ongoing support for my day-to-day operations.

(Minimum 15 hours per month)

Online business manager

I need support for a one-time project or need my systems organized.

Online Business Manager
Virtual Support

I'm not there yet in my business, but let's keep in touch for the future!

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